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Image by Thomas Schaefer

Everyone who knows good wine knows that it holds a deeply rooted
connection with the land, telling complex stories of the earth. 

In Portuguese, Baco speaks of the legendary culture of the vine and the mode of extracting its precious juice. Our grapes come from established vineyards in eastern Washington, a region known for complex fruit and robust flavors. The distinctive soil and sun exposure at these mature vineyards are expressed in the unique character and bold, balanced flavors of Bacovino wines.


It all started with a 40-year family tradition of gathering.


Every year, my uncle would host a special dinner; he would bring fresh Alaskan salmon and we would bring fine wine. Over the years, the event grew and became a time-honored tradition. What brought us together was our enduring friendships and our shared love of good food and great wine.


That’s what we wanted to create with Bacovino – a shared love of great wine.


RANDY BROOKS  Founder/Winemaker

I believe that sharing wine with friends provides a common connection between people and cultures. Good wine can be the thread that ties it all together. 


As our palate develops, we end up liking wines that we may not have understood before. It's a journey, in love and passion, where you learn to appreciate the uniqueness of wines, to understand what goes into each bottle. 


It’s part art and part science, as we work to make the best of what nature has provided us that year.


Through our winemaking practices we attempt to achieve a balance among all components of a wine. Our goal is to achieve clean, ripe, stylistically expressive, and aromatic wines that let the individual site characteristics of each vineyard shine through. 

The location, clones, climate, and the vineyard steward's expertise establish the potential for what is possible. Described as terroir, the combination of all of these factors define the unique "flavor of place."

The realization of this balance between fruit, acidity, tannin, and alcohol ensures a vibrant wine full of finesse, complexity, expressive aromas and enduring elegance.

Each fall, grapes are hand-harvested in small batches during the cool early morning hours, then gently crushed and de-stemmed at the winery. 

We embrace the use of stainless steel, cold core fermentation for our white wines, showcasing the floral tropical aromas, fruit flavors, bright minerality and acidity of each varietal. Once our white wines are blended, these qualities are preserved by aging the wines in stainless steel tanks with limited contact to oxygen prior to bottling.

We employ classic winemaking techniques for all our red wines, including sur lie aging prior to racking to enhance complexity and depth.  We barrel age our red wines in French and Hungarian oak to allow the fruit to shine through while still delivering structure and elegance.


The strength of a good wine is rooted in the uniqueness of its origins. And many believe, like we do, that there are no better grapes than those from Washington wine country. 


We look at how each of the vineyard locations will present itself in our wine, considering things like slope, sun and airflow exposure, and – of course – soil. Vines grown in windblown soil with rich, glacial sediment and volcanic ash create grapes with robust and intense flavor, which we love.


We believe that sustainability is an important part of our social responsibility. That’s why we support environmentally friendly initiatives like soil conservation, composting, wastewater management and responsible post-consumer product disposal. 


We strive to use grapes cultivated in an ecologically balanced manner, and so favor natural methods for herbicide and pest control. Although we may not always source organic fruit, we are committed to supporting sustainable farming methods. 


Our cellar team has also adopted a culture of sustainability. We’re dedicated to using less water, and we’ve adopted ecologically sensitive cleaning practices.


Our goal is to protect this planet so that healthy vineyards can produce world class grapes year after year. Sustainability isn’t just a goal. It’s a promise.

Image by Tim Mossholder


Enjoy Bacovino wines delivered to you and discounts
at our tasting room.

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